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A New Way to Play

Fairway Tech is changing the way we play sports. We're starting with the $100 billion golf industry to make hitting the greens easy and fun for everyone—whether you're just getting into the swing of things or you're a scratch golfer!

Our Companies

Projected Growth for Golf 2024

441 million rounds of golf were played last year

24.3 million people played on a course last year

14 million millennials are interested in playing a game of on-course golf

40% of off-course golfers are women

35% of golfers are Juniors (6-17) and young adults (18-34)

75% of U.S. golf facilities are open to all players

Bag Chatter on the Tee

Our first sports tech platform called Bag Chatter is in pre-launch development. This peer-to-peer marketplace will make it easy to rent affordable golf clubs AND let you earn cash from your clubs, all in a few clicks. We are launching the marketplace in Spring 2024 with events and partnerships in Southern California and will expand as we grow.

Bag Chatter's Key Features

  • Golf Gear, Anytime: Rent golf clubs from local golfers wherever you are, whenever you need it, starting with Southern California.

  • Turn Idle Clubs into Cash: A hassle-free way to earn money from your clubs knowing they are insured from damage or loss.


  • Jumpstart Your Journey: New to golf? Explore the sport without the hefty price tag with affordable rental options.

  • Test Drive Your Dream Clubs: Why guess when you can test? Rent clubs before deciding on your perfect match.​

  • Seize the Green: Spontaneous golfer? Book your last-minute rounds and chat with your lender to arrange pickup. 


Meet our Founders

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